“Open the closed heart” represents a girl that wants to see more of the world by travelling to new destinations by herself. She is ready to learn new things and gain new prespectivesl therefore, the outfit will feature zippers that can be opened to different lengths. this will mark Patinya’s first full show and it will feature more that 10 never-before-seen outfits.

IMGP5641 IMGP5642 IMGP5644 IMGP5646 IMGP5648 IMGP5651 IMGP5652 IMGP5653 IMGP5658 IMGP5660 IMGP5664 IMGP5665 IMGP5670 IMGP5672 IMGP5673 IMGP5676 IMGP5678 IMGP5682 IMGP5686 IMGP5689 IMGP5691 IMGP5692 IMGP5693 IMGP5696 IMGP5697 IMGP5699 IMGP5700 IMGP5701 IMGP5702 IMGP5706 IMGP5708 IMGP5711 IMGP5713 IMGP5716 IMGP5719 IMGP5722 IMGP5723 IMGP5726 IMGP5727 IMGP5728 IMGP5731 IMGP5734 IMGP5740 IMGP5742 IMGP5744 IMGP5748 IMGP5750 IMGP5754 IMGP5761 IMGP5762 IMGP5765 IMGP5767 IMGP5778 IMGP5786 IMGP5792


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